a schmidt model 21 revolver

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GE Geroco (George E. Rose Co.), importer, (couldn't find any address info) Herbert Schmidt of Ostheim an der Rhon Germany. Schmidt has marketed firearms under a long
depending on the condition of the metal & the rifling in the barrel & if the wooden grips aren't showing excessive wear & both cylinders are present: any where from
Helmut Heinrich Waldemar Schmidt (* 23. Dezember 1918 in Hamburg) ist ein deutscher Politiker der SPD . Er war von 1974 bis 1982 der fünfte Bundeskanzler der
An overview of the contents of this kit including the Model 500 Magnum, which fires the formidable S & W .500 cartridge.


a schmidt model 21 revolver

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The Model 1882 was another of Colonel Rudolph Schmidt's designs (not a Nagant design as many believe.) The revolver was designed around the 7.5 caliber round.
Herbert Schmidt Model 21S .22LR 6shot.
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Der Revolver gehört zur Kategorie der Handfeuerwaffen und wird durch das deutsche Waffenrecht (WaffG) als Kurzwaffe definiert. Er ist eine mehrschüssige

H.Schmidt 22 Revolver

Swiss Schmidt Model 1882 Ordnance. a schmidt model 21 revolver
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  • Smith & Wesson Emergency Survival Kit,.

    What is the value of a h schmidt ostheim.
    Technical Information > The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum Ever heard of this? I've got a Herbert Schmidt Model 21S .22LR 6shot Revolver w/5½ Hello
    Swiss Schmidt Rubin Model 1889 Rifle.
    We were finally able to get this old girl out on the range, and she is a real joy to shoot.

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